SmartFill GEN 2 FAQs

Having Network issues

1.       3G Check SIM is correctly in module. The SIM holder is a simple spring-loaded slot. Just push the SIM to remove or load. Check antenna is firmly affixed to module. Antenna must be firmly screwed in to connector... Read More

How do I add a new vehicle or piece of plant?

The add vehicle/plant button allows you to add a new vehicle. You will be prompted to enter data for each of the columns that are displayed on the vehicles/plant page. On the input type you must select whether the entry is a key or a code (PIN/VIN).... Read More

How do I replace a key that has been lost

On the vehicles or plant page select the key number and overtype it with the new key number. This deletes the existing key. If you want to add the old back in the future, it must be added back at the website and not the unit. Read More

Invalid Pin

Check your SmartFill configuration on the website for that PIN. Read More

Key Shows as invalid.

The key may not have been loaded into the SmartFill GEN2 unit or may be an incompatible type key (not a genuine manufacturer supplied SmartFill GEN2 unit key). You can add via the admin menu at the unit or by adding them at the website. If the front... Read More

Lost Door Key

If you lose your SmartFill GEN2 unit door lock key, you should replace the lock immediately. Some SmartFill GEN2 unit systems have a bypass switch fitted internally and having the door key may give the person the opportunity to bypass the SmartFill... Read More

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