SmartFill GEN 2 FAQs

Pump stops after a short period.

The cause of this problem is easy to identify, if you check that the Litres taken were recorded or not. 1. If Litres are NOT recorded by the SmartFill GEN2 unit... The SmartFill GEN2 unit is most likely not receiving pulses from the flow meter. 2. If... Read More

SmartFill GEN2 unit is not recording Litres accurately.

1. Systems with relay pump modules (pulse input and relay / valve control). SmartFill GEN2 unit is not calibrated correctly to flow meter / dispenser. The SmartFill GEN2 unit should be calibrated with a proving measure or master flow meter. 2.... Read More

Too Many Dips showing up in all Dips.

This can be caused by variations in the fuel level and to counteract these variations causing additional dips, we have added a percentage adjustment column to the Tanks called “P-Factor” This feature is something that should not be used... Read More

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